Jan 292016

Thats right they are hitting us up again with double xp. Maybe they are feeling bad about reducing the XP gains on Phinny! This being the 3rd dose of double xp weekends, everyone should be able to hit 50 on their mains.

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Jan 182016

Hello Everyone, 

Yes our front page is finally getting an update. Sorry its taken so long, as you would assume we have all been very busy in game. We have all Classic content currently on farm, and are awaiting Kunark. We apologize for lack of kill shots, we should have some up soon!


For now our recruitment is still open, so now is your chance to get in on the fun and join us!

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Nov 262015


Joined by many from Citizen on Fippy Darkpaw Server, and even more from elsewhere, we here at Modest Man are pleased to announce that we will be making the transition to the new Phinigel Timelocked Progression Server. This will be Daybreak Game’s first “No Box/bot” server, and we plan to capitalize with a superior, competitive raid-force. We are thankful for the experiences we got to enjoy on Lockjaw, and the friends we met along the way. We wish all of Midnight Phyre, Sad Dragons, and Ragnarrok the best of luck with their continued progress on Lockjaw.

For those looking to apply and join the ranks, we will be having a recruitment period open to any class(we encourage you play what you WANT to play, we will not force a class on you). Our Loot Distribution will be done mainly by DKP, with merit(loot council) that will only take effect once bidding reaches the set threshold. Plan to have scheduled raids with the instances, and to be competitive with the open world spawns. Forum Registration is quick and easy! Click Here to Apply!